A Swede talks about muscle profiling in Sweden

When I decided to write this article I knew it had no chance of being published by any Swedish Sports media.  While I’m not a sports drug advocate by any means, the topic of “Muscle Profiling” is just too important to be ignored. This is about basic human civil rights.

The profiling used on bodybuilders in Sweden is appalling and has no place in a so-called free society. For a jay-cutler-guest-possing-swedennon-Swede to better understand what’s going on in the most” liberal and tolerant” country in the world, I need to give you a run-down on modern Swedish Bodybuilding.

Up until the late 80’s, there was no drug testing in bodybuilding. The first tests came about when the SBBF applied for membership in the government-controlled National Sports Federation.  This was something that the IFBB pushed for. Ben Weider wanted bodybuilding in the Olympics. Little did he know about the Swedish government’s distain of bodybuilding. Of course, the government had no intention of letting bodybuilding in.  If they did, they would have had to give the SBBF their fair share of government grants.  The competitive bodybuilders adjusted to the new rules and when all was said and done, there weren’t many more positive drug tests than in any other sport. Bodybuilding got the headlines though. As a non-member of the National Sports Federation the SBBF had to pay for all the tests. The National Sports Federation “plan” was for all the bodybuilders to test positive.  The thinking was that the testing would bankrupt the SBBF (SBBF eventually went bankrupt but for other reasons). The plan did not work so The National Sports Federation changed tactics. Their new argument for declining membership was that “bodybuilding” was not a sport, but a way of life. Most of us understood then that bodybuilding would never be accepted as a sport in Sweden. The drug testing continues to this day. SBBF spends so much money on drug testing that they can’t afford to send a national team to the World Championship. The government friendly media in Sweden was on bodybuilding like vultures and they painted any criminal or psycho that ever visited a gym as a “typical bodybuilder”. There was even an international conference on AAS in Sweden and the ironic conclusion was that there were not enough bodies to prove any danger. Nevertheless AAS got classified as a “hard drug” in the same class as heroin and cocaine. This made all users of sport-enhancement drugs criminals. This still didn’t end bodybuilding so the government had to hatch yet another new approach. They turned their eyes on club bouncers. Like anywhere in the world, bouncing is a common job for many athletes. In Sweden, you have to have a license and the only way to obtain one is thru the police.  A lengthy training course including laws, regulations, and self-defense is mandatory.  For this, you’ll earn a badge and you’ll work directly under the police. A clean record is a must. The police could not test the bouncers for AAS without probable cause, right?  Wrong!  Now they believed they had the proper tool to bust all the steroid-users.

The police tried muscle profiling but the arrested victims all tested negative. The police looked amateurish and this caused a major blow to the politicians plan to destroy Swedish bodybuilding. So what could they do TONEYArrested!now?  The bodybuilding-hating politicians’ propaganda machine together with the mass media had built up the belief that sports enhancement drugs are a huge problem in the Swedish society (9.5 million population); that simply isn’t true!  The Police had to produce results to validate their claims. They began targeting Swedish bodybuilders, but no other athletes. Hard training athletes who were under no suspicion whatsoever got profiled by the way they looked. Not only that, the police also targeted names off of bodybuilder competitor lists. That’s not even profiling; that’s harassment!  It’s important to note that bodybuilding shows in Sweden are already drug tested.

Close to 200 Swedish Bodybuilders have been forced to be tested for AAS. For what reason? Is it because AAS is so “dangerous” that the police need to save these athletes? If so, it would be interesting to read a medical report listing all the cases of poor health in these athletes as a result of anabolic steroid use. The truth is those statistics simply don’t exist.  What is also interesting is that athletes within The National Sports Federation that test positive for doping are not reported to the police. This is further evidence that this is nothing but discrimination against bodybuilders. Look what they did to Toney Freeman! My advice to Swedish bodybuilders is to refuse drug testing and get a lawyer. Fight the discrimination in court and demand your human civil rights!



Swedish Police Suspicious Signs of Steroid Use List:

Anabolic Steroids Psychiatric characteristics

· Increased aggressive behavior.
· Easy irritability and mood swings.
· Body fixation.
· Between periods of abuse, depression, restlessness, difficulty sleeping.

Anabolic Steroids Physical Characteristics

· Puffy and bloated body (fluid retention).
·Severe acne on the back and shoulders.
· Swaying walk.

Anabolic Steroids Harmful effects

· Sadness.
· Acne.
· Aggression
· Growth stops.
· Calcium in the arteries, heart attack.
· Prostate enlargement
· Sex drive may disappear.
· Tumors in the liver.

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