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Two journalists from the Danish paper “Politiken” where investigating the man behind Alpha Pharma Healthcare and the Alpha Pharma Group.

We at JuicedMuscle have more and better information then the two journalists could dig up and we will do another blog-post on Jacob and the Danish roid-scene.

As cliffhanger.. Jacob also controls/runs another major UG lab and who is that mysterious lady on his side? Jacob blackmailed William with threats about lawsuits on the legitimacy of Alpha Pharma. William having other (fucking expensive) lawsuits against him, gave in. Well we know Jacob, illegal in most countries, hires contracters to make his products. I know how he manages huge shipments into Europe. One’s popularity always backfires on him and his products. In this case AP is so successful that counterfeiters are producing fake AP products. And as happened with all the other Kingpins, sooner or later the USA will try to arrest him for supplying the USA. Like Miha Karner from Asia Pharma // and let us never forget Richard Crawley from British Dragon who was murdered in a American jail. If it interest you you can read our section “Busts”

I posted on contractmanfacturing earlier here: //

The search for Mr. Jacob and his golden vials

From India the Danish Jacob Sporon-Fiedler controls a company selling millions worth of illegal drugs.

The name Alpha-Pharma Healthcare covers a pharmaceutical company in India with a Danish director whose products are traded, on a large scale, on the illicit drug market. Customs often seize the company’s products moving in and out of Denmark. The pictures are examples of confiscated products.

Doping in Denmark

The illegal drug market in Denmark involves thousands of people – from users to retailers to manufacturers. The consequences of drug users on the community is massive. Therefore Policy puts focus on doping in Denmark over the next weeks.

We as Politiken newspaper obtained knowledge of the Danish-owned company, Alpha-Pharma Healthcare studying hundreds of documents and web pages as well as interviews with more than 30 people with knowledge of the pharmaceutical company and the illegal drug market around the world.

Some are quoted directly, but the majority contributed information, which is used in the text without mentioning the source

The office complex rises high above the constant sound curtain of noise.

In the northeastern part of India’s largest city, a million metropolis of Mumbai, cough moped taxis, cars and buses pass the white apartment building, that drowns in the constant honking and policemen trill whistles. Far above the streets palms one sees the text ‘Sagar Tech Plaza A’ on the building.

The difference from the usual Danish cityscape is huge. However, the correlation between this place in Mumbai and Denmark are much closer than cultural contrasts and the distance of 6400 km suggests. The name Sagar Tech Plaza A, was printed on tens of thousands of doping agents Danish customs officers have seized over the past year. Primary anabolic steroids.

The building is directly related to the company Alpha-Pharma Healthcare. Documents obtained from the Indian Companies Registration in Mumbai show that the company was founded in December 2005 by three Danes – one of them is still the director. Jacob Sporon-Fiedler, is his name. Or just mr. Jacob, as he is called in India.

In the past seven years, Alpha-Pharma has grown steadily and today flourishes as many of its products flood the illicit drug market in Denmark and many other countries, the Danish authorities consider the company as one of the major players on the black market.

In October customs seized 1,600 ampoules of growth hormone from Alpha-Pharma Healthcare. On the illegal drug market, they have a value in the region of half a million pounds.

Also, authorities in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Norway have seized large quantities of steroids from Alpha Pharma.

Therefore, we traveled to Mumbai to find out where the golden vials come from. And to ask Mr. Jacob why his steroids are also floating around on illicit markets in countries like USA, UK, Australia and in particular Denmark.

The 3rd floor of Sagar Tech Plaza A is obscure. Traffic noise is muffled. At the end of a narrow passageway office 317 is located, this office number is printed on the boxes of the seized drugs in Denmark. There are no windows in the room. Two massive wooden locked doors disable access.

In a room next to t office 317 two older women in colorful saris are sewing clothes. They have never heard of Mr. Jacob before and it is ‘long ago’, they’ve seen someone go into Alpha Pharma room.

“At one time there were sometimes a few people very early in the morning. But no more, “said one of the Indians.

On one of the bright wooden doors into the office 317 is a dirty piece of paper with pen snow felled words glued: »Office has changed address to: Alpha-Pharma Healthcare, B/205 Universal Business Park, Chandivali Farm Road ‘.

The basement of Bramslykkevej

Jacob Sporon-Fiedler was born August 22, 1981 and grew up in Amager with his sister, father and mother. His mother was a teacher, his father was an IT consultant in a large Danish pharmaceutical company.

According to the book ‘If only I could’ tell … ‘, that Jacob Sporon-Fiedler’s mother wrote after she had a stroke. In this she talks about the boy’s upbringing.

“We got a caravan. We flourished in our quiet life in Amager, “writes the mother in her book.

The kid with the brown hair, glasses and a penchant for rock icon Marilyn Manson loved to sit behind the computer. In time, he also created a lot of interest in order to train his body, and get his muscles to grow bigger.

‘For the first time he distanced himself more and more from it all. It may be because of his interests, in which I had difficulty putting myself into. He went to the fitness and bodybuilding and was playing PC games. I would have liked, he would concentrate on his high school, but he would rather do something else – it worried me a lot, “said the father in a paragraph of the book.

In the late 1990s, Jacob Sporon-Fiedler was part of the Copenhagen bodybuilder circle – an environment that is known to be infected by anabolic steroids because the body has a natural limit to muscle growth rate and they want to exceed that maximum level.

That natural limit exceeds thousands of people by taking performance-enhancing drugs.

A few years later he founded the company Alpha Pharma Group in the basement of a red block on Bramslykkevej in Valby. Specifically, 22 February 2005. According to the Danish register of companies, the company was engaged in ‘wholesale of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. ” The other residents of the apartment block, however, had no idea what was going on in the basement.

“There were always white blinds drawn over the windows, so it was impossible to see anything,” remembers a lady who has lived at the address for 20 years.

Shortly after founding Alpha Pharma Group in Valby, Jacob Sporon-Fiedler drew east to found the company’s Indian unit, Alpha-Pharma Healthcare.

“Jacob now lives in India, where he has started a business. He comes home a few times a year ‘, says in the book’ If only I could ‘tell …’ in which the father also says:

“In some areas, I think that Jacob was allowed to shift for itself (…). Today, when I look back, I think the kids after all did good. There were so many holes, they could fall into, the teens with drugs and bad friends. But they have had a good social network, which has backed them up. They both live a sensible life today, and I’m proud of them. “

Mumbai: The pink folder

Deputy Commissioner KB Shende almost disappears behind the large wood desk. Only the upper part of a shirt and a dark around, balding head with a thin, gray mustache protrude.

He sits at one of the offices of the Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra – the Indian authority issuing the license to pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai region.

“I have the papers here,” said Shende.

He points to a pink folder, 1-2 centimeters thick and adorned written in black magic marker: ‘Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’, it says. The air conditioner keeps summer and the 35 degrees out, while dark blinds block the sunlight. The room is dark, even though it is in the middle of the day.

In addition to the Commissioner five Indians sit on wooden chairs around the office. They say nothing, but notes diligently, as the conversation progresses. India is known to cherish thoroughly about his business when there are skeptical journalists to visit.

“Look here, they have all the licenses in order,” said Deputy Commissioner KB Shende in singing Indian-English.

On the documents in the pink folder, it appears that Alpha-Pharma Healthcare on 11 July 2012, renewed its rights to sell pharmaceuticals five years. Until the summer of 2017.

At the same time Deputy Commissioner shows a series of agreements which the Danish-owned company has reached with Indian manufacturers of steroids, growth hormones and other substances.

They recognized contracting pharmaceutical companies.

In other words, Alpha-Pharma Healthcare papers are in order. The company is legal in India and gets its products manufactured by companies recognized in the international pharmaceutical industry.

But are their products still illegal when they end up in countries where they are not authorized, that however, is not the area of ​​interest of Deputy Commissioner. He only checks that companies remain within India’s laws.

“We give permission to export, but it is up to each country, whether they will approve the products,” says Shende and slurp a mouthful of sweet tea with milk in it.

Behind the large dark desk he leans back and disappears even more. Then he starts asking questions.

“It is a good company, it is growing and doing well. It is nothing wrong with. Why are you interested in it? ‘.

Around the wooden chairs five Indian men still take notes.

The start of an Indian adventure

On the internet it takes lots of stories about Alpha Pharma. In numerous doping forums around the world frequent users give their opinion of the company’s founding, and one posts:

“Alpha-Pharma is a Danish company set up in Mumbai, India, in order to supply bodybuilders,” which ‘Firefly’ put it on the website a forum mainly devoted to steroids.

At the Danish forum describes ‘dul-le’ Alpha Pharma as a company, “who primarily lives on supplying steroids to the Danish market, which is owned by a resident of Danmark.” Elsewhere on the Internet people are telling a more detailed story of Jacob Sporon-Fiedlers rationale for founding his company in India – however, without mentioning him by name.

On the picture: some Masteron crystalize more or less per ampoule, this is an indication that the vials are too high in dosing, this happens a lot with UG products. If you dose this high you should also use higher amounts of co-solvents to create a stable compound.

“Our research reveals that Alpha-Pharma was founded by a former black-market dealer (steroids, ed.), And he runs the company now,” writes the profile ‘amboss’ on bodybuilding Also, the person behind the name ‘gh15′ on the website describes that the Indian company’s founder was “known in the environment for a long time as a good source that dealt with products’.

“So he decided to open a company in India that should have licenses, and that is very easy to get in India. So he created Alpha-Pharma, ” writes ‘gh15’.

Pretty much the same story has been told to us by an anonymous source close to the Alpha-Pharma Healthcare – regardless of the numerous posts on the internet.

That person reported that the company’s Danish founder himself took steroids, performance-enhancing drugs sold in Denmark and had a dream to become an Indian company, legally able to produce and supply steroids to the illegal world.

“The goal was to get successful in the world,” said the source.

Today, the authorities in many parts of the globe at least see that Jacob Sporon-Fiedlers legally produced substances floating on the illicit market. At the same time his product list is tailor-made for people who want to take a shortcut to a lean muscular body.

All Alpha-Pharma products can either increase lean muscle mass, improve the ability to train hard or treat the side effects, a steroid cycle can cause. For example, impotence and breast enlargement in men.

The Danish business also sells two anabolic steroids, trenbolone, boldenone, which are designed to increase muscle mass and appetite in cattle and horses – not in humans.

In bodybuilder circles selling these two substances is considered as a clear sign that the company is a drug enterprise. Muscle Fanatics are the only people who use the so-called horse steroids. “No legitimate pharmaceutical company would produce or market trenbolone,” writes ‘MuscleMcMannus’ on

Mumbai: The meeting with Mr. Joseph

The name is in bold capitals on the door: the ALPHA PHARMA R & D CENTRE – research and development department. The office is located in the middle of a small poorly illuminated business complex “Oberoi Gardens Estate”.

The four buildings are plastered in a red-yellowish color, but in many places the concrete shows clearly. A little garbage floating in the gutters, in some places the houses are patched together by blue tarps.

Within the corridors, the situation better. The walls are white, the floors covered with marble, and the polished surface matches the man well, which will come out of Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’s office. The purple shirt is ironed, dark pants pressed, he smells clean. Politely approaches a black-haired man with glasses his hand:

“Mr. Joseph ‘, he presents himself, and a sign reveals that he is quality manager.

Hello, is Mr. Jacob at the office today?

“No, he is in Singapore for personal business. Maybe he comes back next week, maybe earlier” answers Mr. Joseph.

The man is eloquent, gracious and smiling so broadly that his white teeth are in sharp contrast to the dark skin. As the head of the development department, he must know if Alpha Pharma has real customers in the countries where their products fuel the illegal drug markets.

How many clients have business in Europe?

“We have no clients in Europe. Only in Southeast Asia ” said Mr. Joseph.

This makes it all the more interesting to get answers to the question of why tens of thousands of Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’s products find their way to Denmark. And to the rest of Europe, USA and Australia.

Alpha-Pharma Dane

The Indian authorities approved Alpha-Pharma Healthcare 20 December 2005. This shows documents obtained from India’s commercial register. Jacob Sporon-Fiedler registered the company with headquarters in New Delhi, but even then he stayed mainly in Mumbai.

From the start, the three Danes in Alpha Pharma, but one diappeared quickly out of the company. The second was Jacob Sporon-Fiedler, and the third was Stone Lorentzen, a then 37-year-old man from Hvidovre.

We have numerous ways tried to make contact with Stone Lorentzen – both through calls, letters, his older brother and by visiting him at his address. He has not responded.

In the summer of 2011 Stone Lorentzen became Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’s leadership. Shortly before the police had searched his car and apartment, where officers had found 120,472 pills and ampoules of doping.

Some of the products derived from Alpha Pharma. Later he was sentenced to 6 months in prison, but before that he managed to be a part of Jacob Sporon-Fiedlers business for well over 5 years.

Just as the director, Stone Lorentzen was part of the Danish bodybuilder environment for many years. For a long time the man from Copenhagen’s Vestegn sold supplements to people who wanted six-packs, bulging arms and burly thighs.

He sold supplements under the brandname Powex. Stone Lorentzen’s Danish company was the first sponsor of the Internet forum that has long served as a sales center for anabolic steroids and other drugs.

The site was founded late in 2002 by a Western Jutland – Tas he called himself. After he had had a bad experience with buying steroids, he decided to create Body House.

Heavily inspired by foreign sites it was Tas’ goal to give the Danish bodybuilders, muscle fanatics and regular workout geeks, a forum where they could advise each other. About diet, weight exercises – and doping.

Soon Body House was a popular place where thousands of people wrote about how to avoid fake products, design an efficient steroidcycle and about the most efficient ways to inject liquids and treat side effects.

There are enough subjects to advise each other because the dangers of drug abuse are many and serious: enlarged heart, liver problems and increased risk of blood clots, as well as men developping breasts tissue and lose their potency. In addition, the possibility of infection because the substances are frequently produced under non-sterile conditions.

But it appears that body-fixed people overlook this, when they also have the prospect of ‘gaining’ 10-15 pound of muscle during a 10-week steroidcycle. Therefore, it was also these side-effects that users of Body House primarily wrote about.

It was the place to recommend specific drug brands – or criticize others after a bad experience. And above all, became a sales center where steroid customers made contact with the sellers. So it was this site were Stone Lorentzen, from Alpha-Pharma Healthcare, was the sponsor of.

Alpha-pharma Product List

All 35 products in the Alpha-Pharma Healthcare catalog are suitable for people who want to take a shortcut to trim their body, these substances will either spur increased muscle mass or treat the side effects, steroid abuse can cause:

A product like Astra Lean used with the aim of increasing fat metabolism and muscle mass.

Products like Alpha-O, Alphagra and Vitagon used to treat side effects like hair loss, impotence and a disabled endogenous production of testosterone.

Products like Induject, Parabolin and TestoRapid are anabolic steroids to stimulate muscle growth.

Products like Androxine, Boldebolin and Parabolin are anabolic steroids originally designed for cattle and horses, but also greatly stimulate muscle growth in humans.

The product Vitex is a growth hormone that increases fat metabolism and the ability to train hard.

Mumbai: On the border of the slum

The stench of human shit mixed with the smell of urine and the sharp stench of rotten waste mixes to a stubborn heavy odor. The air is almost too thick to breathe. It is just 20-30 meters from the entrance to the building with Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’s headquarters – Universal Business Park.

At the foot of the large, bright glass facades is one of the many slums located that approximately 60 percent of Mumbai’s more than 20 million inhabitants live in.

The dust has settled over everything in the area. Only blue tarps, clothes hung out to dry and a few billboards like the gray-brown blanket of low houses – many of them with holes in the walls and simple tin roofs.

A woman in sari standing over a pile of garbage cluttering through the waste along with a goat. Only on the main street through the middle of the area there are cars, the homes are built so close to each other, that there is only room for people between them.

However, on the major thoroughfare between Alpha-Pharma Healthcare’s headquarters and the slums, several of the men are falling outside this image of decay. They are clearly richer than most people in the area. The boundary between pressed trousers, fine shirts, black leather shoes and tattered rags, barefoot with dirty feet, splits right before the gate into the Universal Business Park.

Three guards let the well-kept men in, and the ragged people out. The men in blue uniforms ensure that only people with jobs or predetermined agreements are able to enter the Universal Business Park.

“What do you want?”, Ask the guards.

But since it was not possible to obtain an agreement with Alpha-Pharma Healthcare in advance, the door remained closed.

The road to Denmark

It is still a mystery to the Danish authorities, how Alpha-Pharma Healthcare products coming to Denmark in such large quantities. But when companies with nefarious ulterior motives intend to smuggle illegal drugs, they have a number of tools they can adopt.

There have already seen examples of Asian companies that ally themselves with agents in European countries. Eg. Spain or Italy. From their position in Europe, fixative agents arrange that major doping packages pass customs officials. Once the steroids and other substances are inside the EU, it is easy to drive them directly to Denmark through the Schengen open borders.

Another method may be that doping traffickers conclude contracts with European companies licensed to import medicines from Asia. By this way of import customs are not automatically alarmed. A third option is to disguise doping as belongings, hard drives, dolls or something else.

For smugglers, it’s most important to find the safest route through the world – not necessarily the cheapest or shortest route. Therefore, it also means less whether steroid packages safest way to Denmark, go via Singapore, about Moldova and past England first. And it is difficult for the police to do something about the suspect companies in Asia.

“Doping is not illegal in all countries, and we are not able to do much when they come from countries where it is legal. But of course we look at it, when it comes to Denmark, “said Michael Ash, Acting Superintendent of the National Police Research Centre (NEC).

Large quantities of products from Alpha-Pharma Healthcare has made its way to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. It makes a huge client base, as in Denmark alone are about 44,000 people who have tried anabolic steroids – according to a study by University of Southern Denmark in 2010.

The first products from Alpha-Pharma appeared on the Danish border in 2007. At that time the users of Body House began to post pictures of steroids from Jacob Sporon-Fiedlers company on the Internet.

At the time, he offered just a handful of products, but today the catalog has grown to 35 items. From anabolic steroids to growth hormones and drugs to fight side effects from the drug cycles. In the same pace as the product list, Alpha-Pharma’s popularity rose in the illegal market.

“Their products work, that’s for sure. This shit is everywhere in Scandinavia, almost all dealers have them so they are easy to find, “wrote one person on Rbbgear – Anabolic Steroids Blog, where Alpha-Pharma is the most talked about brand, just like on Body House.

More than 25 international drug stores online are marketing Jacob Sporon-Fiedler products, and many of them do not hesitate to describe the Danish-owned company as a targeted drug enterprise.

“Alpha-Pharma is a leading manufacturer of steroids. This company is known for its quality products that give huge muscle growth and lower side effects, ” says this example of sales, clearly selling their products.

Mumbai: The rich neighborhood

The cars are expensive, the roads are wide, there are no stray dogs, goats, at no waste in the streets and no crowds. The area in front of the newly built apartment Lake Lucerne is in sharp contrast to virtually all other neighborhoods in Mumbai.

The towers are reflected in the small Chandivali lake, lawns are manicured, a playground, and there are even black sculptures along the way – one of the rare places with art in the urban landscape.

Lake Lucerne is one of the most fashionable places to stay in Mumbai. And it is also the home of Mr. Jacob – the Jacob Sporon-Fiedler that stated that he created an investment fund in St. Lucia in the Caribbean in late 2011. There are tennis courts, squash club, gym, swimming pools and a small pavilion overlooking the water.

While the average wage for a worker in Mumbai is less than 25,000 dollars a year, the apartments in Lake Lucerne are costing millions of dollars more to buy – and hundreds of thousands to rent on an annual basis. This is where wealthy people live.

In front of the entrance to the well 20 storey houses there is a solid lattice, a sentry box and two guards. Just like Universal Business Park it only allows people in with a specific errand, so it’s impossible for us to get in and ask for Mr. Jacob.

On the other hand after repeated call attempts , we succeed to get through to his company. It is quite difficult, since the company website does not specify contacts or email addresses. There is only one number and it is not always someone present to answer the calls.

“Hello, this is Alpha-Pharma Healthcare,” said a woman.

Hello, we are two journalists from Denmark, and we would like to speak to Mr. Jacob.

“Oh, he’s not here right now. But you can get his mobile number. “

The millions of Seychelles

The past two years, Alpha-Pharma Healthcare generated a profit of approximately 1 million. However, it is peanuts compared to the amount, the company behind the Indian company has invested. The company is called Alpha Pharma Group – and is controlled by Jacob Sporon-Fiedler himself.

Alpha Pharma Group is no longer situated in the basement of the apartment block on Bramslykkevej in Valby – the Danish branch was dissolved 14 January 2008. Instead, the company moved to the Seychelles, which is known as a widely used tax haven.

Over the past three years, Alpha Pharma Group has repurchased more than 10 million from Alpha-Pharma Healthcare. A far greater amount than the Indian company earns.

It is unclear where that money comes from. On the other hand, it is certain that someone has profited from selling Alpha-Pharma products on the illicit drug market. We have detailed knowledge of only a fraction of the Tax Administration seizures in Denmark.

But in four specific cases customs confiscated ampoules and pills with a value of more than 1 million dollars on the black market, all products of the Danish-owned company.

For example, 10 ampoules of growth hormone from Alpha Pharma costs almost 3,000 dollars in steroid shop Sledge Hammer 2.0. As a rule of the thumb in the doping world goes, one kilo of pure anabolic steroid priced under 50,000, but brings about 1 million when it is made into pills or dissolved in oil and sold in vials or ampoules.

However, it is impossible to see if there is dirty money funneled into the Alpha Pharma Group in the Seychelles. And the opacity is often the very purpose of putting companies on the small islands off the east coast of Africa.

“A common reason for setting up a holding company in the Seychelles is that it creates complete and utter anonymity about the capital structure and ownership of the company. In other words, it is impossible to get information about a business on the Seychelles, “said Kaj Worsøe Jensen, who runs the company Anglo Corporate Services, which specializes in forming legitimate companies in tax havens.

“Only in rare cases, an authority from outside the Seychelles retrieve information – for example, is it concerns an arms dealer or in drug cases. It was also in the Seychelles, IT Factory-deceiver, Stein Bagger, had his company, “said Kaj Jensen Worsøe.

Brussels: Mr. Jacobs threat

Finally, the ringer will sound. After numerous unsuccessful calls to India, it is immediately easier to get through to Mr. Jacobs phone from the airport in Brussels – from the station between Mumbai and Copenhagen.

On the other side of the cafeteria windows planes are landing and taking off, loaded with passengers and packages from all over the world. Connecting continents, making the world smaller.

“Hello,” said a bright man’s voice on the phone.

Is it Jacob?


We’ll call you, because we understand that you are CEO of Alpha-Pharma Healthcare. We want to hear if we can ask you a few questions about the company?

“I need to know whether it is you who has broken into our laboratory and have been bothered one of my staff here in Mumbai,” said Jacob Sporon-Fiedler – Mr. Jacob.

Excuse me, but we’ve pretty much just been knocking on your development office door and met your quality manager. It was quite undramatic.

“I would like to ask for your name, and then you get to deal with the police for burglary and industrial espionage. And by photographing a lab that I have spent millions of dollars in to build up, “he says.

He raises his voice, as the phrase progresses.

Try to understand Jacob, we have taken a picture of the door from the outside. But if you’ve like to get our names. My name is Christian Heide-Jørgensen, and my colleague called Jeppe Laursen Brock. We are journalists on Politics and would like to ask you a few questions about Alpha-Pharma Healthcare.

“You can then try ‘.

Okay. How can it be that, among other steroids and growth hormone from your company, are sold on the Danish and northern European drug market?

“What gave you the idea, that they do it? It simply is not true. It cannot be done, “said Mr. Jacob.

Then how is it possible that the Danish authorities, on several occasions, have confiscated large quantities of Alpha-Pharma products on the way in or out of Denmark, when the products are not allowed in the country?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I have no idea what the hell this is for a country that allows you to behave yourselves like this. Now you will be reported to the Indian police, and so I just say: Good luck with getting out of Mumbai ‘.

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